As a board certified dermatologist, Dr. Sato is an expert in treating medical conditions involving the hair, skin or nail.  From chronic skin conditions including eczema, acne or psoriasis to skin cancer biopsy and surgical excision, at Sato General & Cosmetic Dermatology, we are trained and comfortable in handling all of your medical dermatology needs.

Allow us to help you look your best!  With an array of different treatments from lasers, Botox and fillers, Dr. Sato will be able to help you achieve more youthful skin. We also are an authorized retailer of Skinceuticals,  EltaMD, Latisse, and SkinBetter Science. Schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Sato today!

With a variety of lasers to choose from, Dr. Sato is able to treat all of your skin's needs to get you looking your best! Using these lasers, we are able to precisely target and care for different skin conditions including sun spots, redness, acne scarring, active acne, and fine lines.  Allow us to use the latest technology so we can safely and painlessly restore how your skin used to be!