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Sato General & Cosmetic Dermatology specializes in providing science based therapies and treatments using the highest quality skin care products to help create more youthful and healthier skin. 


Sato General & Cosmetic Dermatology is excited to offer the latest in laser technology.  From the company that invented fractionated lasers, FRAXEL offers the best treatment of sun or brown spots, fine lines or acne scars all with minimal downtime.  We are able to treat many areas of concern including the face, neck, upper chest, arms and hands.  Also, using FRAXEL, we can help minimize the appearance of previous surgical scars or stretch marks.     


For more information on how you can benefit from FRAXEL, please check out our more indepth page, visit or call to schedule for a consultation.

Botox and Xeomin


Tired of those wrinkles in between the eyes or are those crow's feet starting to become a bother?  Using FDA approved medicine to relax those muscles, we are able to give you a more youthful appearance and minimize and eliminate those lines!  We not only offer BOTOX®, but also Xeomin®, another FDA approved medicine that works exactly in the same way as BOTOX®.  Using BOTOX® or Xeomin®, we can also help those "bunny lines", a gummy smile or rolls underneath the eye.  Come in for a consultation to see how you can benefit from Botox or Xeomin.



Losing volume in our face is a normal part and process of aging.  This volume loss can give us characteristics that we appear older, or unfortunately, can give us a tired appearance.  Hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in our face, is what helps comprise this volume that we lose.  Using fillers, which is derived and based off of this naturally occurring molecule, we can replace areas of volume loss to give us a more youthful and refreshed appearance.  Areas in which we can treat include lines around the nose, mouth, above the lip, below the eyes and cheeks.  Depending upon which filler we are using and what areas we are treating, we can expect lasting improvement for up to a whole year!



Our services and treatments are not just limited to what we are able to do in office.  We have customized and formulated our own private label of skincare products to best suit your skin's needs.  We are also an authorized distributor of Skinceuticals, Nia24, Environ and Latisse products proven by research and backed by science that can help you reach your skin's goals.  

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