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Nails can tell a lot about your overall health.  Dr. Ryan Sato is a specialist in treating nail disorders.  

No, he won't do your manicure (and you probably don't want him doing it either), but having trained with nationally renowned nail experts, Dr. Sato is comfortable in evaluating and treating your nail problems.  Whether it be infections, changes in nail texture or biopsies to check for cancer, Dr. Sato can take the best care of your nails!



Melanoma can grow underneath the nail!  We commonly think of melanomas being just on our skin, but as the melanocyte cells are underneath our nails, melanoma can develop in these areas as well.  Unfortunately, with less awareness and a delay in treatment, melanomas underneath the nail are typically diagnosed at later stages than melanomas in the skin.  Fortunately, with early detection and treatment, we can prevent this deadly melanoma from spreading.

Fungal infection

Our nails can easily get infected with fungus.  This fungus can make our nails appear to be thick and yellow looking.  With either topical solutions or oral pills, we can help you clear this nail infection to get our nails looking to how we remember.

Nail growths

Underneath our nails, there can be many different growths.  Many of these growths are benign and harmless, but these growths can destroy our nails and change their apperance.  Of course, the most important thing to ensure that these growths aren't cancerous, but we can help remove and biopsy these growths as well.  

Nail changes


Our nails can undergo changes throughout the years.  Some of these changes can includes rougher nails, more brittle nails, changes in color, changes in texture and changes in appearance.  Most importantly, Dr. Sato can best help determine if these are problematic or worrisome. On top of that, we can also get your nails looking its best!

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