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In efforts to stem transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and to protect our staff and community, our appointments have moved to virtual appointments (TELEDERM / TELEDERMATOLOGY)

With the use of TELEDERM / TELEDERMATOLOGY, we will be able to continue to care for your skin needs without having to come into the office.  All appointments will occur through HIPPA protected software and you will be able to virtually see the doctor through a web camera/iPhone/iPad/internet. 


If you would like to schedule an appointment, please do so in the exact same manner you did before. Our phone number, fax number and our office hours will remain exactly the same and all of our team will remain employed on a full time basis to continue to support you.

Most insurances are accepted including HMSA/UHA/HMAA/MEDICARE/HMSA AKAMAI.  Our staff is more than happy to verify your insurance plan's TELEHEALTH benefits.  If your plan does have benefits, billing and payment for visits are exactly the same for when you see us in person.  After your visit, we will bill you insurance and then bill you your copay after collecting from insurance.


Unfortunately, minor procedures for non-emergent conditions would be unable to be performed. However, depending upon the situation both with you condition and with our community, we may be able to schedule a procedure day in office in which appointments would be significantly staggered to avoid contact with other patients and procedures such as biopsies or excisions could be performed by the doctor wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.    

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